Corporate Diversity Pathways Pty Ltd

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With over 25+ years experience and expertise in delivering best practice people and culture solutions, positioning organisations for growth, resulting in increased revenue and bottom line profitability. CDP is recognised as the consultancy of choice by Australian organisations committed to empowering their employees through programs delivering education, inspiration and motivation. CDP's 4Es unique strategy aligns to guarantee agreed outcomes through Exploration, Engagement, Execution and Evaluation. Recognised for our commitment to workplace wellness, our products and services are scientifically based. We work collaboratively with our clients, focused on diversity and inclusion, to empower employees for happiness, inclusion, innovation and peak performance. Our strategic advisory services are guaranteed to position organisations as industry leaders and employers of choice to better attract, engage, develop, manage and retain top talent.

Products and Services

Positioning organisations for growth resulting in increased revenue and profit
Driving high performance cultures founded on diversity, inclusion, innovation and peak productivity
Corporate Advisory Services
Global assessment platform to demonstrate individual personality’s impact on organisational success through the use of personality assessment to improve workplace performance.
High Performance Team Coaching
Breakthrough Career Coaching [one-on-one and teams]
Executive Leadership Development
Mentoring white label e-platform
Executive Search
Recruitment and Selection
Performance Management
Training & Development
Career Succession
Retention Strategies


Workplace Gender Equality Agency Official Pay Equity Support
Australian Institute of Company Directors
Hogan Certified Partner