Key Tubing & Electrical

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6 Manfull Street
Melrose Park SA 5039
+61 08 8374 1400
+61 08 8276 9581

ABN  61294631594

Company Profile

Australian manufacturing heritage spanning over 7o years. Key Tubing & Electrical has an unsurpassed record of providing cost effective solutions globally to OEM's , Defence, Medical and Automotive Industries.

Products and Services

Modular wiring Systems
Electrical Wiring looms and harness
Specialised moulded connectors designed for reliability in harsh environments
Customised Cable manufactured for specialist applications
Teflon/ PTFE/ FEPT/ PFa and PVC cable extrusion
Low finned Cu and CuNi tube
Heating and chilling tube assemblies


AS/NZ 1571
AS/NZ 1432
AS/NZ 3191
AS/NZ 5000.1
FDA Approval