Swivelpole Australia

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Head Office

16 Blackly Row
Cockburn Central WA 6164

+61 8 9582 0870

ABN  48100915866

Other Locations

Mandurah WA

Company Profile

Swivelpole™ is recognised globally for providing customers with simple, fast and affordable access to fixtures and equipment through our lowering pole technology Our innovative access solutions eliminate the risk and costs associated with working at heights, through the controlled lowering of equipment and fixtures to a safe and comfortable working position. After almost two decades of continuous development and improvement, Swivelpole™ has developed a comprehensive product range to suit industrial, commercial and domestic applications up to 6 metres. Swivelpole™ have an extensive global sales history to some of the worlds’ largest companies and in the most remote and challenging environments. We continue to be specified as the product of choice for proven performance and ROI.

Products and Services

Swivelpole provides easy access to fixtures and Equipment via controlled lowering technology